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Interactive Wiring Diagrams

  • Visibly rich and compelling, these interactive diagrams will dramatically accelerate students understanding of HVAC equipment and practical electrical principles.
  • Over 25 interactive wiring diagrams allow students to control the equipment and visibly see how electricity flows and operates on different loads, switches and wires.
  • Circuit Theory diagrams build up confidence on the basics of electricity including series and parallel circuits, motors and multimeter diagnostics.
  • Equipment Wiring Diagrams provide a broad sample of typical equipment including air conditioners, boilers, gas furnaces, heat pumps, freezers and commercial systems.

Intuitive Animation

  • Vivid animation illustrates realistically and intuitively how electricity flows. Find out easily where multiple legs of power are flowing to. Is a safety switch open and preventing electrical flow? All of this becomes clear. A good animation is worth 10,000 words.
  • Great for instructors to use as a teaching and demonstration tool.

Smart Tutorials

  • Every diagram has a brief but powerful tutorial that illustrates the key items of each piece of equipment such as the sequence of operations and critical safety mechanisms.
  • Allows students to quickly review basics and supplement classroom lessons.

Adaptive Quiz Engine

  • Student engagement is often a big challenge, but the adaptive quiz engine will have students delving right into these diagrams. The quizzes get easier or more difficult depending upon how a student does ensuring that they don’t slip through the cracks.

3d Immersive Trouble Shooting

  • Includes electrical focused 3D trouble shooting modules for both a split residential A/C system and a boiler. These modules are highly engaging and get students to think like a technician and problem solver.
  • Realistic tools and equipment make students feel like they are actually on site.